Definition: Reliance on one's own powers and resources rather than those of others.

Self-reliance can encompass a lot of things. Like, gardening, for example! It can also include emotional, physical and spiritual self-reliance. When the world is going mad trying to convince you of one thing or another, you always have the option of forgetting about it all and focusing on what you need to do for your life. Our personal lives are the levers we can use to make the world better, if we don’t cultivate them then we’ll be powerless. - Candide

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Emergency Preparedness Binders with Laurie Hartley Moore

8 Lessons

During an emergency, that could include a natural disaster, it may be likely you and your family will have to evacuate your home. Having all of your vital information in one place that you can easily grab and go, can save valuable time and lessen your stress and worry.

Emotional Self-Reliance with Lark Dean Galley

5 Lessons

The dictionary defines self-reliance as the ability to do things and make decisions by yourself, without needing other people to help you. Using this definition, I would then say emotional self-reliance is the ability to remain balanced, confident, and calm regardless of the events going on around you.

The Art of Retained Heat Cooking by Cindy McMullin Miller

13 Lessons

Thermal Cooking is actually pretty cool. Most don’t have a clue what it is. When asked they usually ask if it has to do with the sun. Well…. No. It is known by many names such as fireless cooking or wonder cooking, but the name which best describes it is retained heat cooking. We will be covering all three techniques of retained heat cooking in this course. Pit cooking, earth ovens, and thermal cooking. Join us!

Safe Travels Training With Kristy Flanders

5 Lessons

Are you thinking of taking your first international adventure? Or have you traveled abroad before and are wishing you had known a few more tips & tricks? “Safe Travels Training” is your guide to international travel, with a specific focus on keeping you and your possessions secure.

The Collaboration

1 Lessons