Let's get down to Business, shall we? 

We know that business can be risky, but, it's not as risky when you are collaborating with other entrepreneurs. Right? Yes, of course we are right. That's why we created The Eclectic Entrepreneurs. 

If you are here, you probably have been to some business training, or you run a business, or you are just starting, or you are working on networking and building. 

Just don't call it a "biz", okay? ;)


This is one of our favorite topics, so we are loading it up with training and masterminding opportunities for you to start, build, and scale your dreams. 

We've got marketing training that is intuitive and not "Do it my way and you'll make 6 figures in 6 minutes." 

We've got support for how to run the techie side of your business (the part you probably hate the most!)

We've got sales that isn't slimy and strategy that is simple. 

When you Join the Tribe, you get access to not only the Business Portal, but all of the other training in The Eclectic Entrepreneurs as well! 

Where else do you get $10,000 worth of training plus community and masterminding for $99/month? 

Nowhere. That's why we created it. Just click on Join the Tribe and in about 5 minutes you'll open it all up. 

Love your guts. Hope to see you inside! 

Networking Success: Who, How & Why

4 Lessons

We often send mixed messages to prospects making it difficult to connect with our ideal client. Becoming crystal clear on who we serve, how we do it, and why we do it will allow us to quickly identify those who would be most interested in what we offer. Since implementing this method I have increased my close ratio by 200%.

How to Niche for simplicity and success
Create Your MemberVault

12 Lessons

Have you wanted to create a membership site, but you are at a loss as to how to start, and then where to go from there? This will take you through a process of planning, creating, and then launching your course. And guess what I recommend using? MemberVault, of course! 

Real Rapport System

1 Lessons

Create an Online Course
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