Taconnection Tuesday


So, there was this one time we were in Twin Falls, Idaho, and our friend, Jennifer, made like the best tacos, ever. Seriously, they were so good. 

So, we asked her, "Hey, Jenn! How did you make this?"

And, guess what? She told us!

The really cool thing about trainers, is that they want to teach us stuff, stuff, and more stuff. That's what they love to do. 

Now, we don't know about you, but we love to learn stuff. Eclectic Entrepreneurs are "Consumers of Content" and we aren't afraid to admit it. We just may want to be consuming tacos at the same time. 

It's all good. Bring whatever nosh you are noshing on right now. 


Okay, you ready? Because Taconnection Tuesday is all about our trainers taking us a wee bit deeper into their already awesome content. Talk + Connection = Taconnection. It's that simple. 

The point of this very lengthy, one-sided conversation, is that you will get to lunch and learn online, and get some ideas of where you can go further in your life and business. 

Just make sure you have a napkin so that your keyboard doesn't get all messy from all of the questions you get to ask the trainers! 

You in? 

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