Definition: Learning at home. 

We believe that we are molding the next generation of entrepreneurs, and sometimes their education is a little different than traditional school. No matter where your child spends their days, there is some incredible training on things you can do at home to expand that education, and get them ready for real life. And, if you are an Eclectic Entrepreneur wanting to start homeschooling, we can help you with that, too! 

You are officially invited to become an Eclectic Entrepreneur.

An Eclectic Entrepreneur is someone who wants to:

Learn all the things. Meet all the people. Go all the places. 

And change the world. Always, it’s about changing the world.

So, let’s do it together. 

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The Homeschool System with Heidi Totten

9 Lessons

Have you been wondering how to track all of the things going on in your life, in your children's lives, AND accomplish some things at the same time? Well, this is The Homeschool Tracker, and you can use it however you need, to create the home and life that you want. Have fun with it, customize it, and expand on it! 

True to You Family Challenge with Jess Wilson

7 Lessons

When All You Are Left with is Memories, and the Images to Feed Them


Worldschooling 101 with Sarah Decker

8 Lessons

How to travel around the world with your family and give your children an incredible education.

Have you ever wanted to travel, but were afraid to travel with your kids? Have you heard of worldschooling, but didn’t know where to start? This is where you start! Through this course, you will learn how to get started on your worldschooling journey! You will understand methods of education that will help your children use agency while teaching through traveling. Join this course to start your adventure!

Homeschooling Solutions with Mindy Hardy

5 Lessons

“We all homeschool, some of us just outsource more than others.”  Homeschooling is a 21st century movement and culture and whether your kids are part time or full time homeschoolers, I will share some tips, tricks and hacks that can help you stay sane and have a great homeschooling experience.  In our house, we say “Home’s Cool” because it is!

How to Build Heroes in Your Home with Molly Christensen

9 Lessons

A hero is someone with great character who does what is right at the right time.  We need more heroes! Learn how you can create the environment to build heroes in your homeschool.