The Watering Hole


Buongiorno, !

If we are being honest, and trust me, we are being completely honest with you, this is the place we are most excited about. 

When we set out to create The Eclectic Entrepreneurs, we knew we didn't just want training that would really melt your butter, but we wanted to create a community that would rock your socks off. 

It's funny, as we chatted with our trainers about what they wished they had had all along in their business, a place to create connection online (and out of Facebook Groups) that would really help them network and build their business was at the top. 

"Omigosh! We wanted that, too!" we said. 

In fact, that's what we decided to create! 

So let's talk about how The Watering Hole works. 

1. Join the Tribe and get access to it. 

2. On Mondays, join us for the Monday Mastermind. Each week you can pick a category that you are working on and need help with in order to have like, the most awesome week, evah! Then, you hop on the mastermind and the tour guide will start with a wee bit of training in that area before sending you off to connect with 5-6 peeps about what you are working on. get to connect with new people every. single. week. Cool? We think so. 

3. On Tuesdays, grab your tacos (or whatever, but we recommend tacos) and join us for Taconnection Tuesday with the Trainers. We got a thing for tacos around here, but we will still love you if you choose something like fajitas. Each week, you will be able to take your noggin' a bit further with a couple of trainers, and interact and ask them questions, as well as learn what else they are doing that you can be a part of. 

4. Wednesday is all about What's Up? on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs. You will get new course announcements, find out about events and all the happenings that you can be a part of on the calendar. We will do shout-outs for the members of the tribe engaging the most in the training and content, and you can win cool prizes and swag. We love swag. Do you love swag? 

5. Thought-leader Thursday is your opportunity to take a breather, and simply receive motivation and inspiration from our Trainers for the week. Whenever you are feeling a bit challenged by life, you can go into the module and watch videos or download audios that will put a pep in your step and help you refocus. 

6. FOMO Friday - hakuna matata, rafikis. Each week you will get an email from us that will make you giggle and guffaw, with links to everything that went on at The Eclectic Entrepreneurs during the week, so you can catch up on what is really important to you. In other words, we want you to stay in the know without having to scroll, yo. 

(That last part sure felt awkward.)

Okay, so you want to know the details? Just click on Join the Tribe and it's going to take you exactly where you need to go to access everything on this platform that you see. 

Karibu (welcome) and we'll see you soon! 

Get the Most Out of Your Membership!

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The Monday Mastermind

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Every Monday, you have the opportunity to join a Monday Mastermind live and online, and connect with other members of The Eclectic Entrepreneurs! 


Taconnection Tuesday

2 Lessons

What's Up Wednesday

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Thought-Leader Thursday

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FOMO Friday

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