Definition: Having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.

At the core of an Eclectic Entrepreneur is a desire to make an impact in the world. In fact, one of our big goals at The Eclectic Entrepreneurs is to create a crap ton of money in order to help fund grassroots nonprofits that our trainers and members are involved in. Did we just say "crap ton"? So professional. 

Whom Do You Want to Serve?
(That was for you, Mom!)

You are officially invited to become an Eclectic Entrepreneur.

An Eclectic Entrepreneur is someone who wants to:

Learn all the things. Meet all the people. Go all the places. 

And change the world. Always, it’s about changing the world.

So, let’s do it together. 

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Empowering the One Through Humanitarian Work with Liz Stone

6 Lessons

In this class we will discuss how you can serve in a more empowering way to not only expand your own worldview but to create real and lasting positive change for those you serve.

How to Run a Facebook Fundraiser with Heidi Totten

1 Lessons

Thank you, Facebook! You have made it super easy to create a fundraiser for just about anything. Yes, there are fees (unless it is going to a nonprofit organization) but for real, thank you. Now, there are a few tricks and tips that will make fundraising a lot easier, and more effective, and I will be sharing them with you here! Every Friday, I run the 100 Humanitarians International $5 Friday Fundraiser, so I have learned with boots on the ground!