Definition of a Coach: a mentor who, because he is detached and disinterested, can hold up a mirror to us

So, you want to be a coach, or you are a coach, and you want to write a book. Or, you have written a book, and you want to speak on stages. Or, you speak on stages, and you want to sell your coaching programs. A little bird told us that being a coach can be a lonely career, but not when you've got The Eclectic Entrepreneurs helping you out! 

You are officially invited to become an Eclectic Entrepreneur.

An Eclectic Entrepreneur is someone who wants to:

Learn all the things. Meet all the people. Go all the places. 

And change the world. Always, it’s about changing the world.

So, let’s do it together. 

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The Coaches Portal

1 Lessons

How to Make a Career From the Stage with Jason Hewlett

16 Lessons

Why Set a Goal When We Can Make a Promise?


Write Now System with Shannon Evans

14 Lessons

90 Days to a First Draft


(x2): Marketing By Design with Kris Prochaska

5 Lessons

(X2): Lighthouse Marketing for Projectors/Advisors and

Magnetic Marketing for Generators/Builders