Connection is what really makes life have meaning, would you agree? We want to help you create, build, and maintain those connections. 

No matter what our situations are in life, we need people. And, we don't know about YOUR people, but our people sometimes take a little bit of work, and especially forgiveness

And sometimes, we are the problem, right? So, we've got courses for that, too. In any case, we hope that by taking some of the training here, it changes your world a little bit for the better. 

This portal is all about Relationships. Entrepreneurs tend to get a little bit...workaholicky, and we want our relationships to stay strong as we grow, right?

We have 12 courses that include: 

The Magic of Memories
Communicate to Connect
Mama Connection
Inner Bully Beatdown
The Power of Forgiveness
Dating and You
Feeding the Starved Relationship
Child Protection System
How to Build Heroes in Your Home
Happy Home, Happy Life
Empowering the One Through Humanitarian Work
The Power of Connected Parenting

No matter what happens in your business, we are here to help you navigate the relationships in your life, too. 

13 Modules

Feeding the Starved Relationship with Sheri Vaughan

Come learn what the 7 most basic needs are in a healthy committed relationship. We know when running your own business relationships can sometimes take a toll so we want to support you and ensure your success by continuing to nurture your most important relationships. What does a healthy whole relationship look like? It looks like having and practicing good character, using good communication skills, working on connecting through companionship, and creating hope in the commitments you make with one another by living in agreements. This course is broken up into 4 modules that you can do over 4 weeks or at your leisure. And I invite you to include your partner in the opportunity assignments.

Inner Bully Beatdown with Brittany Fowler

Inner Bully Beatdown is meant to give you quick easy tools to help your teens beatdown their inner bullies. To evict your inner bullies takes more than people telling you to, “Think positive.” I make it easy for you to comprehend and rise above the mental chaos.

The Homeschool System with Heidi Totten

Have you been wondering how to track all of the things going on in your life, in your children's lives, AND accomplish some things at the same time? Well, this is The Homeschool Tracker, and you can use it however you need, to create the home and life that you want. Have fun with it, customize it, and expand on it! 

How to Build Heroes in Your Home with Molly Christensen

A hero is someone with great character who does what is right at the right time.  We need more heroes! Learn how you can create the environment to build heroes in your homeschool. 


The Magic of Memories with Devonya Madsen

Memories bind us together and make us stronger. There is magic in sharing those events and stories that shape us. Do you ever wish that you could remember the funny saying your grandpa used to tell you or the recipe for your favorite family treat growing up? Would you like to make sure you have those to give to your children, grandchildren, nieces, cousins, uncles or friends? This course will get you started!

Communicate to Connect with Jennifer Smith

Learn to COMMUNICATE and CONNECT more deeply in your marriage … which will create more joy, fulfillment and bliss in your marriage (and we know that when we communicate well – even with a bit more vulnerability – that our deepest joys are found)!

Mama Connection with Stefanie Joseph

Hey hey !! Are you worried that your children are falling victim to all of the pressures of their peers and social media? Have you heard them say negative things about themselves or beat themselves constantly?

I get it, I am right there with you and that is exactly why this I created "Through My Heart and Eyes, a guided journal for kids." After that came this course because moms like you, asked for assistance in how to use the journal in their home. So here we are!

Dating and You with Tim Holman

First Dates will always be a part of our lives. From what we teach our children about dating, to making dates with new and old friends, to first dates with the idea of creating a romantic relationship. Learn the ways of presenting yourself, your values and what is working for you / what is working against you as you enter the realm of getting to know someone. How much fun can you have?

The Power of Forgiveness with Aleesha Lee McMurdo

Do you know the power behind the word forgiveness?  Do you understand how the principle of forgiveness can set you free from trapped emotions? Forgiveness is the pathway to peace. In this course you will learn the steps to forgiveness and how to apply them in your daily life to assist you in keeping your body healthy and well.

Empowering the One Through Humanitarian Work with Liz Stone

In this class we will discuss how you can serve in a more empowering way to not only expand your own worldview but to create real and lasting positive change for those you serve.

Child Protection System with Michael Glassford

Learn how to protect your children from unnecessary court and conflict if you are unavailable to take care of them, or should something happen to you. This course is common sense, but many law firms have never heard of this kind of planning. Be ahead of the curve and protect your children.

Happy Home, Happy Life with Angela Nusbaum

Angela helps people create the foundations needed to support a higher quality life. As a massage therapist, she supports physical healing. As a mentor, she motivates growth. As an energy expert she enables people to clear the energetic blocks within their homes and open pathways to greater peace, abundance and joy. 

The Power of Connected Parenting with Aleesha Lee McMurdo

What if you could learn one tool that would bring greater connection, love and peace into your home? A tool that would have your teenager engaging and inviting your presence? A tool that would calm the melt downs and the tantrums? You’ll find the answers here. 

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