So, let's get social! We want you to succeed at this social media game, because, it really is a game. Whether you are pinning or posting, tweeting or tubing, we are here to support you in your eclecticness (it's a word) and help you use social media to move forward and not just scroll down. 

The key is in the words social and network. Which network do you use for what kind of social? 

We will help you break it down, so that you understand that Pinterest, YouTube and Google are search engines, and have a much longer shelf, er, search life than Facebook or Twitter. 

And all that stuff about analytics? Oh. Yeah. That. We'll teach you some tricks there, too!

This portal is all about Social Media. So, if you are plagued by the never-ending analytics of Facebook and wondering what in the world to Pin, what are you waiting for?

We have 8 courses that include: 

Crazy Brilliant FB Ads
3 Steps to Get Noticed in a Crowded Market
(Actually) Profit from Pinterest
Facebook Foundations
Pinterest Primer
Instagram Can Be Your Jam
Simplify Your Social
How to Make a Facebook Page

Plus, you can always make connections and get social in The Weekly Connection Calls! Because we really believe the best way to grow your business is networking. 

8 Modules

Crazy Brilliant FB Ads with Amy Crane

Tired of wasting money on FB Ads or just overwhelmed at the thought of trying to learn how to do it on your own? I’m breaking down everything you need to know about FB Ads in simple, easy to implement steps so you can start to get results now (even if you’re a beginner!)

Instagram Can Be Your Jam with Eleisha Clayton

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for businesses.  Learn how to use one image a day to connect with your ideal clients.  You’ll learn the basics of Instagram and how to get started on this fun platform.

Simplify Your Social with Heidi Totten

People are always asking what to post and when on Social Media. So much so, that they forget the social part! This program will teach you The Social Six - six key things you need to be doing to expand your network and increase your business! 

3 Steps to Get Noticed in a Crowded Market with Lisa Meisels

The online world is crowded!  The landscape is rapidly changing and what used to work is no longer effective. If you have a calling to transform more lives and impact the world, you must learn how to stand out online.  When these 3 foundational elements are in place, you will start to get noticed and become more visible attracting the right clients who lean in to learn more.

Facebook Foundations with Kayleen Baguley

Whether you are a Baby Boomer or a Millennial, or anywhere in between - this course will help you create the foundation to success using Facebook for Marketing.


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