We're not sure what you think, but we think that Personal Development is really at the core of all we do. In fact, we often say that everything we choose in life is just a vehicle for our own personal growth. It's true. When we live in a world where we can choose ANYTHING, we just get to be ready to learn whatever lessons come with that. 

So, how do you want to grow this month? Mindset? Alignment? Purpose? Self-awareness? 

Do you want to create a vision board? Write a manifesto? You have so many choices. What will you choose? 

And how can we help? 

This portal is all about Personal Development. As you are building your entrepreneur empire, we want you to also have support in mindset, self-care, leadership and more. 

30 Modules

Face to Face with Fear with Cynthia Clarke

Do you feel like fear immobilizes you and sends you running in the opposite direction of who you are and truly want to become?  Face to Face with Fear will teach you step by step ways to face your fears head on, strategies to befriend fear and see it for what it really is, and help you gain tools to put YOU back in charge of your life!

You're Not Good Enough, You're Way Better Than That with Allen Roberds

This course is designed specifically for those who find themselves battling mediocrity. We live in a world where we are constantly told, “You’re Enough.”  “Just be you and that’s enough” is not what this course is about. You were meant for more. This course cuts straight to the point that You’re NOT Good Enough…You’re WAY Better Than That. By the end of the course, you will see yourself, your mindset, and your circumstances shift to greater abundance as you intentionally embrace excellence in your life. 

Ten Principles of Experiential Brain Based Learning with Kelly Bennett

Have you ever wanted to enhance your ability to learn a new topic? Be able to remember what you learned to teach to others or increase your personal knowledge base? This course will layout in simple brain-based neuroscience what it takes to learn and retain knowledge. You will gain 10 strategies to enhance your retention and learning environment. What will we cover in this course?  

Stop Self Sabotage with the EGO Game of Opposites with Sue Dumais

Do you ever find yourself repeating the same self sabotaging cycle over and over again feeling like you are stuck running on a hamster wheel and you can’t seem to find the way to get off? Imagine your mind is a computer with an infected virus running in the background so cleverly disguised that you wouldn’t even know to look for it there. This clever ego mind game is responsible for the majority of our super “stuck” patterns and self sabotaging behaviours. Learning how to prevent your Ego from hacking your mind with a self sabotaging virus will free your mind and change your life forever!

Muscle Testing: Talking to Your Body, Mind and Spirit with Lisa Bailey

Have you ever wondered what muscle testing really is and why it works? This course teaches that. Your body knows your truth and what’s for your highest good. You’ll learn a myriad of ways to muscle test, which will give you an opportunity to see which way resonates the most with you. 

You will also learn how to teach your body to respond to “yes” and “no” questions; this will be very helpful so that you will know what to expect from your body when it responds to your questions. Muscle testing is a great tool to ask purposeful questions regarding your physical well-being, but it is also a wonderful tool that can enhance your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Divine By Design with Laurie Hartley Moore

Have you ever wished that you had a Superpower? Did you know you have a Dynamic DNA Masterplan? What if unlocking your Dynamic DNA Masterplan gave you the power to walk into a room, not only knowing exactly who you are, but knowing each person’s likes and dislikes, each person’s strengths and potential weaknesses, what motivates them and what makes them afraid... Just imagine the power, the connection, and the fun, this new opportunity could bring to every area of your successful life! ‘Divine By Design’ brings you everything you’ve ever imagined in a Super Power and so much more! 

Living a Consecrated Life with Livia Pewtress

It’s time to embrace your God given purpose and choose to live the life that invites divine direction. No more sitting on the fence! God needs you on His side! Challenges come, doubts appear... join me and discover how to embrace the journey, arm yourself with tools, and fortify when the fiery darts come flying.

Writing a Manifesto with Kelly Walker

Tired of falling short of your goals over and over again? Do you feel like they’re just wishful thinking and you will never achieve them? You’re not alone! In this course you will learn exactly how to script your own success and change your results permanently!

Getting to Know Your Chakras with Marissa Waldrop

Ever wonder how and why your energy affects you in your day to day and what you can do to improve it? Chakras are energy centers in your body that hold and regulate, physical aspects, different emotions and parts of the energy that make you you. Getting to know your chakras will teach you about each chakra and help you get in-tune with your unique energy. You will be more aware and better equipped to make the changes you want, to be your best self. 

A Journey Through Self Awareness with Amie Earl

 In this course I will take you on journaling journey through your life.  I have noticed in my life that Journaling has been and  easy way to spot patterns that I am following and then I need to make any corrections it is easier to do so. This is an awareness course. 

Love Yourself NOW with Michelle Marchant

If you’re looking to create more Love, Joy and Happiness in your life, then this course is for you!  I know what it’s like to live in the dark space of depression, I also know what it’s like to fall in love with yourself and the amazing life you get to create (which I actually never thought was possible)!  In this course I will teach you a few of the things I did and that I teach my clients to do to really connect with and start loving yourself!

Truly You Transitions with Elif Ekin

How would it feel to have a plan to let go of all junk that gets in the way of who you want to be? To become who you truly know yourself to be…I took my lessons from my divorce and broken them down into chunks so that you can have a roadmap to help you move toward a more authentic way of living. 

Congruency and You with Shakti Kee Maya

Class 1: Ease of the Ask/ Get Your Ask out of hiding! What does it mean to pull you head out of your ASK? What choices are available at any given moment? Shakti formulates, demonstrates and encourages you to create your perfect ASK. Class length 1 hr 10 min. 

Class 2: Ease of Receive/ Receiving Beyond Believing! What are the congruent steps for receiving from your perfect ASK? What SPACE is required for receiving? Shakti illuminates the alignment of ease of receive with practical action steps. Class length 1 hr 10 min. 

Emergency Preparedness Binders with Laurie Hartley Moore

During an emergency, that could include a natural disaster, it may be likely you and your family will have to evacuate your home. Having all of your vital information in one place that you can easily grab and go, can save valuable time and lessen your stress and worry.

The Power of LIFEstory with Becky Rogers

Have you ever tried to play a game when you didn’t fully understand the rules? When you live life like this, you are constantly playing defense, managing negative situations as they come to you rather than consciously creating positive ones. We attract things into our lives based on the words we use and the story we tell. If you want to create a different outcome, all you need to do is TELL A DIFFERENT STORY, choosing your words carefully in order to reorganize and reconstruct the situations and events that are showing up for you. 

Mental Game Breakthrough Mastery with Bud Heaton

In this course, you’ll understand the Core 4 Pillars of mental performance. You’ll learn how you can begin to influence the results in your life, not by focusing on those results, but by allowing your mental game to execute on the processes that produce the results you want in life. This practical application course will provide you with actionable items that get you in motion, moving forward, and building momentum.

Critical to Confident with Wendy Bunnell

Confident people naturally attract the goals and desires that they have. They seem to magnetize positive things into their lives. Don’t think you can be one of those confident people? Think again. Confidence is a choice and a habit- let me show you how to become the confident person you have always yearned to be! 

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying with Kate Wildrick

The Introduction to Shamanic Journeying is a powerful soul-shifting course that is designed to help you establish a direct connection to unseen worlds and the helpful intelligence within them.  By learning a simple protocol, you have the opportunity to unlock the hidden wisdom, insight and healing that shamans and mystics have been able to interface with since the beginning of humanity.  This practical form of shamanism is the perfect solution to help you address the many complex issues that we face on an individual and collective level in our modern day world.

Live Your Best Life with Mandie Case

I want every person to live THEIR best life, not the life they think they are supposed to have, but the one they really want, even if it is totally crazy. But how do you do that?  I have a few tools and tips to get you on your true path and it all starts with giving you permission to do it. 

Creationary Mojo with Cynthia Gough

15 days of forward momentum through creativity and drawing exercises -even if you don’t know how to draw! Creativity helps you to have the motivation, drive, clarity to then work on your business… yeah, those things you keep putting off. This will clear the chaos and bring peace to just move forward in confidence.


5 Steps to Turning Negative Self-Talk into Positive Self Love with Darla Makela

Are you ready to change the way you think about yourself so that you can live confidently and boldly?

Learn how you can begin to live empowered as you learn to turn negative self talk into positive self love.

As you transform your thoughts and beliefs about yourself you will find yourself living a life you’ve been afraid to dream about!

Vision Boards Unleashed with Jennifer Dayley

By understanding & using specific (BUT SIMPLE) principles & techniques, you will learn how to amplify the results of using your vision board in a very profound way. Many people get frustrated when their vision board “doesn’t work”. But the fact is, most people are doing it wrong. With this course, you’re going to break out of the “most people” mold.


Worldschooling 101 with Sarah Decker

How to travel around the world with your family and give your children an incredible education.

Have you ever wanted to travel, but were afraid to travel with your kids? Have you heard of worldschooling, but didn’t know where to start? This is where you start! Through this course, you will learn how to get started on your worldschooling journey! You will understand methods of education that will help your children use agency while teaching through traveling. Join this course to start your adventure!

Crush Your Clutterbug with Confidence with Heather Elizabeth Clark

Eliminate stress without running away (or hiding)? Yes! Learn surprisingly simple strategies to stop the downward spiral of stress that wears away your resilience and leads to burnout. Bring balance and bliss to your life, body, and business.

Emotional Self-Reliance with Lark Dean Galley

The dictionary defines self-reliance as the ability to do things and make decisions by yourself, without needing other people to help you. Using this definition, I would then say emotional self-reliance is the ability to remain balanced, confident, and calm regardless of the events going on around you.

Safe Travels Training With Kristy Flanders

Are you thinking of taking your first international adventure? Or have you traveled abroad before and are wishing you had known a few more tips & tricks? “Safe Travels Training” is your guide to international travel, with a specific focus on keeping you and your possessions secure. 

The Art of Retained Heat Cooking by Cindy McMullin Miller

Thermal Cooking is actually pretty cool. Most don’t have a clue what it is. When asked they usually ask if it has to do with the sun. Well…. No. It is known by many names such as fireless cooking or wonder cooking, but the name which best describes it is retained heat cooking. We will be covering all three techniques of retained heat cooking in this course. Pit cooking, earth ovens, and thermal cooking. Join us!

Connection to Abundance with Sue Dumais

These powerful lessons offer insights and profound SHIFTS on all levels fostering an abundance breakthrough that will change your relationship with money forever! Sue’s unique soul mind body approach will provide a deep level of understanding as you learn how to overcome the psychology of lack & poverty consciousness so you can authentically live, breathe and embody prosperity - for your Self and others.

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